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Club History
A Slight Gap in Our History

So much of the club history from the '60s and '70s has been almost nonexistent due to the passing of many of the original club members, and much of the old records being discarded.

Gattuso Saves Club with 50-50 Odds

In 1982 Fred Gattuso was elected Commodore.  The club was going up for Sheriff Sale due to back taxes in the amount of $300.00.  Mr. Gattuso ran a 50/50 and raised the necessary monies to save the club.  It was Mr. Gattuso who spearheaded the rebuilding of the Club’s building (inside and out) and the parking lot.  He also obtained a liquor license, applied for non-profit tax exemption status, and above all increased the membership to approximately 100.  His hard and dedicated work during his time as Commodore (1982-1984) is the basis of the club, as we know it today.

In 1982 Fred Gattuso also got the Club reinstated into the D.R.Y.L. after many years of absence.  In 1983 they selected the Club's first Princess-Barbara Hassell.  In the 1983 D.R.Y.L. Queen’s Pageant, Ms. Hassell was selected as 2nd runner-up and the Club won best-decorated boat and best-decorated club.  In 1984 the N.P.B.C. again won the best-decorated club

Festive Feasts and Charitable Contributions

Many other events were started at this time such as the Crab Feast and the Tube Float (The Tube Float was initiated by Ray Nuneviller, Sr.) both of these events have become very large and rewarding events for the Club and Charity.  Another event that was started during this time was the annual installation of Officer’s Dinner. In 1993 the back Deck was all concreted and the picnic tables were made.  There were numerous members involved in pouring the concrete under the guidance of Joe Clouser.  The picnic tables were made under the direction of Tom Norwood Sr., and Rich Rathoff built the Canopy on the back deck.

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